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  1. The website "www.whiteshepherd.gr" (hereinafter the Website) includes presentation pages for the breed of the Greek White Shepherd under the auspices of OFLET. (hereinafter the Club).
  2. All the pages of the Website "www.whiteshepherd.gr" and the content posted on it belong to the Club of Friends of the Greek White Shepherd, chaired by Andrianopoulos Vassilios, based at 30 Lykourgou, Kalamata, 24100.
  3. The Website "www.whiteshepherd.gr" and the respective Club are based in Greece and are governed by Greek law regarding all their activity and the legal consequences of their operation.
  4. The terms of use apply to all content on the Pages, Graphics, Images, Photos and other information contained on the Website.
  5. If the User does not agree with all or any of the following terms of use, then he must responsibly refrain from visiting, using the services and content of the Website.
  6. The User is required to check the content of the pages of the Website for any changes, so that he acts accordingly. The continued use of the Website, even after any changes, means the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the User.
  7. The Club reserves the right to modify or revise at its discretion the terms and conditions whenever it deems necessary, and undertakes to inform the Users of any change, through the pages of this Website within a reasonable time.
  8. The User is bound by the always valid terms, as they are formulated on the Website, at the date of his visit.
  9. The Club reserves the right to terminate, with or without notice and at any time, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the services provided by the Website.
  10. The User understands and accepts that the Club reserves the exclusive right to discontinue, in its sole discretion, the distribution of the content of the Website to those Users who believe that they have violated the terms of use, as well as applicable Greek and international law.
  11. The User is responsible for accessing the services of the website and the relevant access may require the payment of fees to third parties. The User is solely responsible for paying the relevant fees. Also the User is solely responsible for his personal equipment with the necessary technological means that allow him to access the services of the website.


  1. Promotional material and advertisements may be posted on the pages of the Website, which are necessary for its proper operation and maintenance.
  2. The Club does not bear any responsibility for the communication of the User with third party service providers advertised from the pages of the Website and for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.
  3. The Club is obliged to examine the legality of the advertising material, which is displayed on its pages and is obliged not to post it, if it is against good morals or public order.
  4. No liability of any kind can be attributed to the Club for the advertisements, which infringe the rights of third parties, and their responsibility lies exclusively with the advertisers, sponsors and / or creators of the displayed advertising material.


  1. In different places in the pages of the Website (footer, pop up, windows etc.), the User can become a subscriber of the Newsletter, from which he can receive updates from the Website.
  2. The subscription to the Newsletter is done by simply filling in the User's e-mail. In case the User wishes to delete his e-mail from the Newsletter recipient list, he can click on the corresponding link at the end of the message he received, in which case the User details will be deleted automatically from the recipient list.
  3. The Club may maintain a file with the e-mail addresses of the Newsletter recipients for sending informative or promotional or advertising messages.
  4. The Club reserves the right not to register or delete any User from the Newsletter recipient lists, without providing a reason or explanation for this.
  5. The maintenance of the Archive is based on the provisions of the applicable legislation on Personal Data, in accordance with the following.


  1. Preamble
    • Respect for the privacy and protection of the personal data of our Website Users is of particular importance in the design of our policy. This Agreement for the collection and management of personal data concerns both the Club itself and the Website and covers the process of collection, management and processing of all personal data of visitors / users, collected by the Website during the duration of visit and use of its services and pages.
    • If a User does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided in this section (Policy - Privacy Policy) must not use the services of the Website.
    • The protection of the Personal Data of the Visitors / Users of our Website and Group is governed by the applicable Greek and European legislation and specifically by: 1) The General Regulation of Personal Data 2016/679, which was incorporated into Greek legislation by Law 4624/2019 , 2) Law 3471/2006, 3) Article 84 of Law 2472/1997.
  2. Creation and Deletion of Personal Data
    • The Website provides the right to Users to request the deletion, correction or change of their personal data at any time by sending a message to the email address of the Club This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including the changes and / or the wish to delete their personal data.
  3. Transmission and Disclosure of Personal Data of Visitors / Users
    • The Club and the Website, strictly following the above mentioned legislation for the protection of the personal data of the Visitors / Users, will not proceed to any unfair and without your prior approval use of them. The Website expressly undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish and / or disclose the personal data of its visitors / users / customers to any other company or any third party private or public body.
    • Exceptionally, the Club may transfer personal data of its visitors / users / customers to third parties legal and / or natural persons, only if: (a) it has their explicit consent for the transfer of their personal data, (b) the transfer of of personal data is made to legal and / or natural persons who cooperate with the Club and it becomes necessary for the realization of the wishes of the Users / customers (the legal and natural persons who cooperate with the Club have the right to process the personal data that its Users send to the Website and shall be notified to it only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary for the completion of the transaction or the provision of technical or material support to the Website), (c) is required due to compliance with the relevant provisions of law and only to the competent authorities.
  4. Protection of Minors
    • Visitors / Users of the Website who are found to be minors (under 18 years old) can access the services of the Website only with the explicit consent of their parents and have no obligation to submit to the Club their personal data, except those of their parents or their guardians. If the minor submits his Personal Data to the Website, these are deleted immediately. In case of submission of false data by the minor, the Website does not bear any responsibility, as it fails to verify the accuracy of the data of all its Users.


  1. All registered and what will be filed in the future Trademarks and Service Marks, of any form (visual, audio, with formatting, with colors, etc.) in Greece and abroad, all the electronic addresses on the internet (Domain Names), the registered and any projects that will be submitted in the future, are protected in accordance with the applicable provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties.
  2. All existing information and content of the pages of the Website, including images, graphics, photos, drawings, text, data, software programs, design, content, layout of the Website and other information as well as future information are to be introduced, enjoy the protection of both Greek as well as Community and International Legislation on the protection of intellectual property.
  3. Based on the above, any Copy is expressly prohibited by any Visitor or User, in whole or in part, loading, announcement, distribution, reproduction, storage, transmission, reissue, distribution, transfer, processing, republishing, modification, resale or any other use or commercial use the content of all or part of the pages of the Website, in any way or means, for commercial or other purposes, based on this content.
  4. It is also expressly forbidden to mislead the public about the real owner of the Website and the real owner of the intellectual creations displayed by it.
  5. The only third parties that are exempted from the above protection are ones who are also proprietors of the Trademarks or the Copyright on their creations and explicitly provide to the Owner the written license of their use in the Club.
  6. Users who infringe the Trademarks or intellectual property rights of the Website Owner are prosecuted for such infringement, he reserves the right to claim any positive and negative damage caused to the site. in accordance with the provisions of existing legislation.


  1. What are cookies?
    • "Cookies" are small files in the form of text, which are stored on the computer through the browser when we visit a website. The information stored on our computer may contain information such as the pages we visited, the date and time of the visit, custom settings of the website, as well as a random and unique identification number. In no case do cookies contain personal information or information, which will allow anyone to communicate with the visitor of the website, by phone, e-mail, etc. In addition, using cookies does not access your computer documents or files. Without the use of cookies it is impossible to provide specific services of the Website, such as the personal settings of the Customer etc.
  2. With this use, our website is able to store useful information for your browsing, as well as read this information to offer you a better browsing experience and to determine the services of the Website, which are useful or popular or favor the promotion of products for marketing purposes.
  3. Which cookies do we use at www.whiteshepherd.gr?
    • We use cookies on our website to manage the login sessions of those users who have an account on the website. You can if you want to modify the settings of the browser to warn the User about the use of cookies in certain services of the Website or to reject some or all cookies, except the absolutely necessary. You should be aware that some features are only available through the use of cookies and if you choose to opt out of cookies, these features may not be available.


The Website includes links to other websites, which it does not control for the availability, content, quality and completeness of the services, the terms of use, the policy and the Terms of protection of the personal data of the Users , etc. The Website is in no way responsible for the quality, suitability, functionality or legality of such websites, which are controlled by third parties natural or legal persons. Users expressly waive any claims against the Website and the Club in connection with these websites.


This contract, which consists of this part, the General Terms, the Privacy Policy and the electronic forms that you fill in (order form), is valid from its acceptance - confirmation, as described above, and no other agreement, orally or in writing, it is acknowledged that there is a defining relationship between the parties regarding the purpose of the contract, and any existing one is repealed.

The Club has the right to modify this contract at any time, which with its wide publicity through the INTERNET is recognized that in this way is always and timely brought to the attention of Users, so that they can evaluate and judge freely, if they wish to accept it.

All communications between the Club and the User are made in writing and are archived by the Club for evidentiary reasons.

In the event that a part or provision of the Terms of Use is annulled by a decision of a competent Court as illegal and invalid, this fact will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which will remain valid and will continue to apply in the relationship of the parties.


The non-exercise of any right by the President of the Club does not in any case imply his resignation from this right, while, on the contrary, he may exercise his right whenever he deems appropriate.

These terms of use are applied and interpreted in accordance with Greek and international law.

Responsible for resolving disputes arising from the interpretation and application of the Terms of Use of the Website, after a mediation attempt to resolve the dispute, is a single-member Arbitration Court.


O.F.L.E.T. stands for Greek White Shepherd Friends Club. It was created in 2016 with the purpose of helping the breed improve, educating people on these beautiful Greek dogs and registering it officially in Greece and internationally (FCI).

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