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OFLET (Greek White Shepherd Friends Club) is a relatively new club that was officially created in 2016 with the aim of promoting, improving and establishing the G.W.S. as a breed renowned in Greece.

We believe and love this breed and we try to help it grow in population in the RIGHT way, because these wonderful animals are rare. In order to achieve this, the breed must become more widespread, must appear in many exhibitions and competitions and other canine events.

Also, after the successful recognition of the breed by KOE (Greek Kennel Club), our goal is to include the Greek White Shepherd in the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale - International Kennel Club) so that it can be fully formalized.

OFLET is the ONLY one responsible for supplying purebread animals to any potential owner and this is done after checks regarding the future residence and quality of life of the animal. The puppies are NOT sold but they are given-adopted by the new owners at a price equivalent to the cost of the private breeder for the birth, vaccinations, deworming and the "chip" as well as a small fee given to the Club to help with its financing.

The members of the board of


Andrianopoulos Vasilis

Andrianopoulos Vasilis

President - FCI judge

Kotsovolos Ioannis

Kotsovolos Ioannis

Vice President

Mathiopoulos Panagiotis

Mathiopoulos Panagiotis


Perdikea Diamanto

Perdikea Diamanto


Koutouvalis Ioannis

Koutouvalis Ioannis


Help us help this

Unique Breed

As mentioned earlier, the breed needs help to increase the population of these rare animals. Those who are interested can help in many ways.

The most important thing is if you think that you have seen, or adopted a Greek White Shepherd that does not have papers from KOE, contact us either via email, phone, or Facebook to confirm it and guide you on how to certify the animal so that it can also be entered in the breeding register (genealogical tree) of the breed and its genes added to the breed gene pool.

Also, if you like the breed and you are interested you can become a member of the group and support this Greek dog breed.

Finally, we have posted the bank account of the club below, where you can donate any amount, which will be valuable to us. OFLET has no source of income other than a small fee that it receives when people adopt puppies from member dogs who have given birth. Unfortunately, the recognition procedures etc cost a lot, resulting in a lack of funding, which in turns delays the procedures needed to be followed.

National Bank
Account: 413 / 004547-03
IBAN: GR 2501104130000041300454703


O.F.L.E.T. stands for Greek White Shepherd Friends Club. It was created in 2016 with the purpose of helping the breed improve, educating people on these beautiful Greek dogs and registering it officially in Greece and internationally (FCI).

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30 Lykourgou str, 24100, Kalamata

Mathiopoulos Panagiotis
+30 697 9591901

Andrianopoulos Vasilis
+30 698 3518585


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