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The Greek White Shepherd is a large dog, with an innate need to run, curiosity and sociability. This means that the animal necessarily needs a large fenced area in which it will be free several hours a day and will be able to run and play. The fence should be high (2 meters ideally) because it is a dog with the ability to climb and jump great heights. If there is no space, the dog will not be able to consume its energy, so you run the risk of it damaging your property.

This breed is not recommended for new owners because it has a difficulty in its character, being more autonomous and persistent. Autonomous means that the dog does not wait for a command for everything, like some other breeds, but takes initiatives with which we may disagree sometimes. In order for the cohabitation to be more harmonious and successful, it needs very intense socialization and good training, that is, a lot of time.

Finally it is an animal that has learned to live with its herd because of the kind of work it does. Thus he forms a special bond with his herd (family), which makes it much more difficult to move to another home with a new owner at a later time if problems arise. This means that your decision to proceed with getting such a puppy should be very well weighted.

If you can provide these requirements that such a wonderful dog has, fill out the interest form below and start a journey together that will fascinate you, teach you and will surely be unforgettable!

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The official adoption of a Greek White Shepherd puppy is done only through OFLET. The reason why it is so important for the group to oversee the breeding of animals is because the breed is still very clean from genetic health problems and we try to maintain this level in animals with strict health and inbreeding control between parents. This can only be achieved through a central control unit that knows the animals, their relationships and their characteristics. This way you can trust that the puppy you receive "will enjoy perfect health"!

The Greek White Shepherd is a breed recently recognized by KOE and at the moment the certified animals that can participate in the official breeding line are very few so there are not many litters. Also, each litter gives 5-6 puppies, with the result that, unfortunately, there is a waiting list for the adoption of these dogs. This list is kept exclusively by OFLET.

If you are interested in getting a beautiful white puppy for yourself, please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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O.F.L.E.T. stands for Greek White Shepherd Friends Club. It was created in 2016 with the purpose of helping the breed improve, educating people on these beautiful Greek dogs and registering it officially in Greece and internationally (FCI).

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