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How should you receive a new puppy

Before adopting a dog, we must always have done research in order to make an informed decision about the animal we are interested in having. We need to think about how we will live together and have made the necessary preparations for the puppy to arrive.

Owning an animal is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. We are getting a life that is tied to ours forever and an obligation that we must be fully prepared to undertake.

So after reading and talking to people who can advise us on the subject, we decided that we want to get a puppy. The puppy should not be given to us at an age of less than 8 weeks old because it must first be weaned from its mother and must have grown enough to have received the first lessons of socialization through its family (the mother and the other puppies of the litter).

At this age the puppy should already have the identification chip as well as have a health booklet. The puppy should have undergone a medical examination for inherited and genetic diseases, should have had the first vaccinations and de-parasitization. The above should be recorded in the puppy's health booklet.

Also, in case it is a purebred puppy, the birth must have been officially declared to KOE (Greek Kennel Club).

Finally, we should receive the agreement that proves the transfer of ownership of the animal. Upon receipt of the puppy the breeder should be available to a reasonable degree to help us with problems that may arise specifically for members of the breed but also more general issues or questions that may come up with the new family member, such as issues of nutrition, behavior, development, health, etc.

As for our preparation, we should have readied the puppy park, food, some toys as well as have prepared some space for his safe stay.


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