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Purebred vs. Half-bred dogs

Let's start by saying that a purebred dog is not superior to a half-bred dog. Their main difference is that purebred animals have a more established morphology and behavior (they have common traits in their character and appearence) than half-breeds.

This means that by adopting a purebred puppy we expect to see some of its characteristics evident in the animal both in terms of appearance and in terms of character.

I need to emphasize that "purebred dogs" are a human creation made by selective breeding and genetic selection. Man, by finding dogs with the same characteristics (not yet purebred though) and mating them, within a few generations manages to consolidate the characteristics he desires and eliminate those he does not want. This creates a new breed that comes essentially from half-breed dogs without pedigree trees.

Examples of such practices are sheepdogs and hounds. Sheepdogs are breeds in which characteristics such as strength, size, endurance and herding and guarding instincts have been heightened. In contrast, hounds have other heightened characteristics such as perception, speed and good sense of smell.

To be considered a purebred dog two conditions must be met. A dog must have the right phenotype, ie the appearance of the dog as described in detail for each Greek breed by KOE. It should also have the right genotype. The genotype can not be examined visually, but it is proven through the genealogical tree of the animal, which should definitely bear as evidence of its pure blood.

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