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The Greek White Shepherd for many generations has learned to survive in the Greek wilderness, with or without human presence, using its mind and its strength as weapons that help it survive.

During working hours, these dogs are confronted with wild animals that they often have to repel in order to protect their herd, which requires decision-making without human presence and command. This makes them more capable and more independent, but at the same time gives them the will to express an "Opinion on everything". Thus, they are more difficult animals in terms of training as pets, as they do not always wait for the owner's orders, but often make decisions on their own.

The Greek White Shepherd,

One of the Best


The dog has an innate instinct to guard fearlessly its space when the owner is not present. Its size and energy are enough to repel most possible invaders


As the name of the breed suggests, this is a dog born with instinctive strategies that specializes in protecting livestock


His calmness, friendliness and good character allow him to be with us without creating big co-habitation problems and to become our best friend

A Dog which by its nature

Loves other animals

In terms of its relationship with other animals the Greek White Shepherd needs a herd and animal companionship much more than other dog breeds. In general they easily create relationship with dogs but also with other animals and make "friends".

With people they tend to be more cautious until the first acquaintance is completed on their own terms.

A characteristic that comes from the above is the innate instinct of protection of the living spaces as well as the people and animals with which they live. They are calm dogs that when what they love is threatened transform into a bold protectors who are not afraid of anything.

Born Shepherd


This is a very independent breed which after childhood and adolescence will often prefer to rest quietly under the shade of a tree to playing and tension


The Greek White Shepherd, like most shepherd dogs is characterized by calm until the moment when it will need to act, where it shows its true strength.


As a shepherd dog, being closer to nature and the wildlife, the Greek White Shepherd is very devoted to his family-herd, and very strong protection instincts.



The Greek White Shepherd is a difficult dog that is not suitable for novice owners, being a breed that comes from primitive roots. It is a breed from the mountains of Greece where life is closer to nature and other animals than to humans, and as a result has developed better instincts of self-preservation than obedience. This does not make them less smart, on the contrary, having critical thinking they choose the commands they accept to carry out. This makes them able to get the basic training (Come, Sit, Stay), but they are not recommended for bodyguard protection training, agility etc. Violence does not work at all for this breed in training and only positive training and mutual respect will create a relationship of trust. It is WRONG to try to make this dog more aggressive because it already has the instincts it needs for the job.


Socialization is perhaps one of the most important issues that every dog ​​owner should deal with regardless of their dog breed. Specifically for the breed of the Greek White Shepherd it is even more important considering that this is the largest part of their training. They must see images, hear sounds to overcome any possible phobia and be calm and good dogs when they grow up. With intense socialization the dogs learn to be better in their relationships with people but also in their work, as well as acquire a more balanced and stable character. Do not forget that these are dogs that have a great need for a herd and must learn to create the right relationships to have a harmonious life without it. This breed needs owners to spend time with the animals and be willing to get to know them truly.
From birth to


As puppies they are very active animals that want to play constantly, ideally with other animals. They are a little more cautious with people but still very friendly.

The Puppy

The Puppy

Games & Fun

As teenagers, things get a little difficult if they rebel, but their devotion always comes first in the end. They also become less wary of people growing up.

The Adolescent

The Adolescent

Rebel & Energy

When the dog matures it becomes a unique working dog either as a guard or as a herd protector. It is a great friend and a valuable co-worker.

The Grown-up

The Grown-up

Guardian & Friend

Basic traits of their character

at a Glance












O.F.L.E.T. stands for Greek White Shepherd Friends Club. It was created in 2016 with the purpose of helping the breed improve, educating people on these beautiful Greek dogs and registering it officially in Greece and internationally (FCI).

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