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A few words from O.F.L.E.T. about the GWS

The Greek White Shepherd "comes" from antiquity having its roots in the shepherd dogs of ancient Greece. The ancestors of the GWS are the ancestors of all Greek shepherd dogs and battle dogs, therefore common ancestors with the Greek Shepherd but also

with the Molossus of Epirus (the dog of Alexander the Great). A statue in Kerameikos that dates back to the third quarter of the 2nd century B.C., for example, is quite similar to the GWS that exists in the present day with minimal changes over time.

Through the - often voluntary - selective breeding that took place over the centuries by the "shepherds" of the Greek countryside, the GWS became even more "specialized" in guarding herds and properties. Its white color is what makes it "friendly" to sheep and goats and at the same time not easily distinguished by the wolf and or bear that predates, its long legs are what give it the agility to roam easily in the inaccessible mountains of our homeland, its mantle is dense, long and rich - almost waterproof – and it is its winter protection. With the arrival of the first warm days of spring however, it falls, so that on hot summer days the dog only carries short coat.

We do not have exact information about the existing number of GWSs and not all the individuals of the breed are registered in the Greek Kennel Club, but there are dozens of purebred individuals registered and the O.F.L.E.T. in recent years makes a great effort to promote, the breed and complete its global registration.

OFLET in recent years has made a great effort so that anyone interested in obtaining a GWS or simply interested in information on the breed can contact us and get whatever information they need.

Unfortunately, dog breeding, even if it involves indigenous - endangered - breeds, is not subsidized like other indigenous farm animals by the government, with the result that the cost of each litter and rearing of puppies is borne by the dog owner. "So it makes sense for anyone who wants to get a GWS puppy to 'reimburse' the breeder for the costs they have incurred. OFLET has made a gentlemen's agreement with all the amateur breeders about the "price" of each puppy, which is essentially symbolic and covers the costs of breeding, vaccination, etc.
We therefore believe that all indigenous dog breeds, especially the GWS, should be subsidized so that there is the opportunity and motivation for the promotion and "cultivation" of our Greek breed, which has been among others, the "yeast" for creation of other breeds in the Mediterranean basin such as the Italian Maremano or the Pyrenean shepherd.
The biggest problem that people involved in GWS breeding face as amateurs - because only amateur breeders actually exist in this breed - is the complete lack of support, assistance, and dialogue with the state, whose only concern is to "cash" in by monstrous laws that most of the time people who do not know and do not care about the animals are called upon to shape and execute.


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O.F.L.E.T. stands for Greek White Shepherd Friends Club. It was created in 2016 with the purpose of helping the breed improve, educating people on these beautiful Greek dogs and registering it officially in Greece and internationally (FCI).

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