White Giant
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White Giant

The Greek White Shepherd is a large aristocratic dog with a very strong and flexible athletic body. As he stands tall and proud, he can not go unnoticed. Whether you admire it as an animal lover or fear it as an invader is a force of nature that could never be considered negligible. Its size and energy in combination with its character have fascinated us.

It is a very friendly dog, without fear, whether the recipient of its affection is a human or another animal. They have learned to live with herds, so sociability is something that comes naturally to these animals.

Occupationally, the Greek White Shepherd is a dog suitable for guarding either spaces or herds. He is born with an innate instinct to care and protect so he is an excellent guardian for either your home or your livestock.

One of the dog's talents is knowing when and how to act. He is a fierce protector when necessary, although when he is calm he can easily become Man's Best Friend!

This is a unique dog which can match

Different Needs


The dog has an innate instinct to guard fearlessly its space when the owner is not present. Its size and energy are enough to repel most possible invaders


As the name of the breed suggests, this is a dog born with instinctive strategies that specializes in protecting livestock


His calmness, friendliness and good character allow him to be with us without creating big co-habitation problems and to become our best friend

Testimonials by some owners of


I think this is one of the best animals we have. Beautiful and with good character. We have fallen in love with the breed.

Giannis Kotsovolos

Giannis Kotsovolos


Not a needy dog in terms of its diet and care. It is social where it should be and measured in external factors.

Giannis Koutouvalis

Giannis Koutouvalis


I am impressed by his character. This is a dog with a stable character and high intelligence. I see that he is communicating.

Giannis Pourakis

Giannis Pourakis


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O.F.L.E.T. stands for Greek White Shepherd Friends Club. It was created in 2016 with the purpose of helping the breed improve, educating people on these beautiful Greek dogs and registering it officially in Greece and internationally (FCI).

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